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Our Mission

To provide exceptional program services, conduct research and manage innovative workforce solutions for Government and Fortune 1000 companies that meet or exceed their expectations.


About HPC

Human Potential Consultants (HPC) was founded on the belief that improving individuals with any type of background will become productive members of society by helping them identify skills and abilities which would lead to financial and social stability.

Established in 1997, HPC began as a unique government resource to provide comprehensive employment solutions for individuals classified as having extra-ordinary challenges with re-entering the workforce. Services are provided for federal, state and local county government agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporations seeking worksource solution programs. HPC provides additional supportive resources to unemployed or underemployed individuals facing significant challenges in need of extra assistance with suitable employment.

Founders Dr. Garnett Newcombe and Joyce Keener have 50 years of combined experience working with disabled individuals, dislocated workers, youth 17 to 25 years of age, persons with little or no work history and individuals on parole or probation. Their expertise has been documented and tracked in the areas of skills and abilities clarification, program development, research design and service delivery of various programs nationally.

Dr. Newcombe and Ms. Keener are active with several community-based social services, educational groups and human relations organizations. They have received numerous awards, certificates of recognition, scholarships and honorary mentions for exemplary service and leadership from employers, universities, clubs and organizations.